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Suzanne Federico – Coder Camps Graduate

Suzanne Federico – Coder Camps Graduate

After growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Suzanne has traveled all over the country (Hawaii being one of her favorites) and has earned a variety of degrees. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, as well as an Associate’s in Psychology, Anthropology, Computer Electronics, and Computer Animation. After spending some time in the workforce, including working in Guest Relations at Disneyland, and creating the majority of the artwork for a video game called High Heat Baseball, Suzanne was ready for a change.

Hoping it would lead her down the path of a fulfilling career rather than just another job, Suzanne enrolled in the Full Stack .Net program at Coder Camps. In choosing the .Net program, her goal was to pursue the different areas of technology.

Now that Suzanne has graduated from the program, she says the education she received was paramount in securing her position at GoDaddy. She enjoyed the people and culture of Coder Camps, but “most especially, making lifelong friends both with my classmates, as well as with the people who worked at Coder Camps.” Between graduating and securing the position with GoDaddy, Suzanne worked at Coder Camps as an online mentor for new students and hopes to return someday to further her education.

Suzanne says that what she loves most about her field is while she has the capability to code in technologies, she “can continue to code creating art in the designing of websites, keeping my artistic ability alive.”  She is ecstatic to be working at GoDaddy, and says if she can continue being creative, she will be in her dream career.
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