Success Stories

Graduates from Coder Camps
ready to take on the next challenge.

"The education I received was paramount in securing a position at GoDaddy. I enjoyed the people and culture of Coder Camps, but most especially, making lifelong friends both with my classmates, as well as with the people who worked at Coder Camps."

Suzanne FedericoCoder Camps Graduate February 2017, Design Support at GoDaddy

Matt Ellenberger
Coder Camps Graduate February 2017
Design Support, GoDaddy

"I feel that Coder Camps is a life journey that made me a better developer and a person. I love technology and the opportunity to work with the user interface experience and graphic design."

Joe Waynick, USMC veteran
Coder Camps Graduate February 2017

“I was looking for a way to utilize the abilities and disciplines I learned from my many years in the military. Coder Camps gave me the skills and training I needed to enter the Information Technology industry as a software developer and jump-start my way to a new and exciting career.”

Donna Ryan
Coder Camps Graduate January 2017
Interactive Developer, PrizeLogic

“I liked the intensity and I loved being around people who are passionate about what they were doing…and not just my instructor and mentor but the entire Coder Camps staff.”

Bradley Wong
Coder Camps Graduate January 2017
Junior Developer, RadialSpark

“My experience at CoderCamps was a great balance of learning, networking, and community. My instructor, Jesse, is easily one of the best mentors I have ever had. Somehow, he was always able to keep everyone engaged and motivated while learning at an insane pace. His insight to the software industry has been invaluable to me, and I am sure that I would not be where I am today without his guidance and support. I can honestly say that CoderCamps was the perfect stepping stone to take me from where I was to where I wanted to be.”

Richard Charay
Coder Camps Graduate April 2017

“Attending Coder Camps renewed my love of coding and reawakened my desire to and enjoyment of learning new things. The in-class instruction taught me the basics which gave me the confidence to explore further on my own. Coder Camps gave me back my confidence to take on whatever new programming language or framework that I might have to take on.”

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