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Matt Ellenberger – Coder Camps Graduate

Matt Ellenberger – Coder Camps Graduate

Matt grew up in southern Wyoming, where he started a career in sales. From there, he made a move to Colorado to work for the Department of Transportation and eventually landed in Arizona. After assisting with the management of an independent business, Matt realized he did not have a true passion for what he was doing and decided to look for a new direction for his future.

While working for Colorado’s Department of Transportation, Matt says he found that “my biggest success was with my knowledge and ability to work with computers.” This is how he knew Coder Camps was a good fit for him, as it would allow him to use his knowledge and passion, while also learning a skill that is currently in high demand. He says upon hearing about Coder Camps, he immediately knew this was his calling and chose to pursue the Full Stack .Net program.

Matt says he would daily find himself hoping to become as knowledgeable as his instructors, but also enjoyed the entire environment of Coder Camps. He calls Coder Camps a life journey that has made him a better developer and a person. Matt also notes that the classmates he met along the way have become lifelong friends, for which he is grateful.

What Matt enjoys most about his new field is that he loves what he does – he loves technology and the opportunity to work with the user interface experience and graphic design. He hopes to eventually become a Senior Level Developer, particularly focused on Front-End UI-UX Development.
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