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Donna Ryan – Coder Camps Graduate

Donna Ryan – Coder Camps Graduate

Interactive Developer, PrizeLogic

Ever since she can remember, Donna has had a passion for building things. The games she plays today, the crafts she now enjoys are all activities that involve piecing something together. As a young adult, she joined the military and learned firsthand the definition of intensity and the great goals truly passionate people can accomplish once they set their minds to it.

After leaving the military, Donna eventually went to work for a mid-size digital media company and there she had her first opportunity to learn code. She started learning HTML when her boss asked her to ‘build them a webpage.’ What she learned through that experience, and many subsequent trial and error projects since was she loved programming. In her escalating roles at the company over several years she tested and built numerous tools to make her current job easier, but she wanted more.

When the idea of another bootcamp came up – this time in the form of learning to code – Donna was immediately interested. “I was job searching and having a hard time quantifying what and how much I knew for prospective employers. Everyone I spoke to liked my background but my skill set wasn’t what they looking for; it wasn’t enough. I needed help.”

Donna learned about Coder Camps in 2016 and most appreciated the school’s job assistance and free, ongoing lifetime training through the Coder for Life program. She graduated from the JavaScript + Full Stack .NET course in Phoenix in January of 2017. When asked to describe her experience at Coder Camps, she goes back to what she loved about the military. “I liked the intensity and I loved being around people who are passionate about what they were doing…and not just my instructor and mentor but the entire Coder Camps staff.”

One month after graduation, Donna landed her new career and now works as an Interactive Developer for PrizeLogic, a maker of custom interactive promotions. I love the field I work in, Donna said. “Every day is a new challenge and every project has a new twist. Every conversation is a new nugget of knowledge and, in the end, it’s all resources that are gathered together to build something. Did I mention I love to build things?”
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