Front-End Foundations

This course explores advanced concepts in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students will learn to create modern and robust web applications without leveraging any advanced frameworks. Students will strengthen their foundational knowledge of how web applications and client-side coding works. Students will explore web animations, transitions, transformations and how to structure and organize code for a large web project.


Objectives of this module are

  • Learn how to create Drag & Drop functionality
  • Explore Drawing, and animation with HTML5 Canvas
  • Learn about Websockets and Web Workers
  • Learn how to create Transitions and Transformations with CSS
  • Learn how to respond to the size of the device or browser using Media Queries
  • Learn about FlexBox as an alternative to the traditional Box Model
  • Learn how to create Pagination to support long lists of data
  • Learn about Advanced Styling (gradients, shadows, rounded corners etc)
  • Learn about advanced DOM navigation and manipulation
  • Learn about events like OnClick, OnLoad

Mastery Project
  • Black Jack Game
Core Technologies
  • Javascript, .NET Framework, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio
Operating System Requirements
  • Windows 7+, OSX 10+, Linux
Target Average Time to Complete Course
  • 40 Hours
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