Top universities have partnered with Coder Camps

NAU Powered by Coder Camps

To help employers’ meet the growing demand for skilled software developers, Northern Arizona University (NAU) and national programming boot camp Coder Camps are proud to announce a partnership to teach students full stack software development in 12 weeks. Powered by Coder Camps’ new modular curriculum, the classes will be available through NAU in support of its mission to serve critical workforce needs through creative public and private partnerships.

“The Coder Camp curriculum provides a direct path for students seeking a career in the software development field,” said NAU President Rita Cheng. “We are committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge to prepare students for the expectations of today’s employers and the technologies they need the most.”

To help hiring managers address the tech talent shortage, universities across the U.S. are increasingly partnering with boot camps to offer students cutting-edge professional training. NAU chose Coder Camps because of the school’s forward-thinking approach to high tech education.

“We are excited and proud to partner with NAU to help fill today’s tech talent employment gap,” said Chris Coleman, CEO, Coder Camps. “The number of developer jobs continue to grow rapidly and our partnership with NAU provides students with an accelerated alternative.”

NAU Powered by Coder Camps

To help employers meet the growing demand for skilled software developers, Cuttington University and USA based programming boot camp, Coder Camps are proud to announce a partnership to teach students full stack software development in just 24 weeks. Powered by Coder Camps’ new modular curriculum, the classes will be available through Cuttington University in support of the school’s mission to offer students an intensive education experience that takes into account modern advances in information technology.

“Cuttington has been fortunate to establish a partnership that will enable it to enter the digital world of learning,” said Dr. Herman Browne, President, Cuttington University. “Cuttington and Coder Camps have partnered to offer comprehensive, full-stack web development training for any student interested in software development as a career path. With Google nearing our shores, Liberia has a great need for talented software developers and technicians. Program graduates will be poised to compete for this emerging niche in the global labor market.”

SCI Logo

Southern Careers Institute’s Full Stack Web Development program is powered by Coder Camps, offering students an intensive 18-week program to become professional web developers. All career training programs at Southern Careers Institute are taught by knowledgeable instructors who care about each individual student’s success. A supportive, interactive learning environment is maintained at all our campuses, which allows students to learn by doing. Each program focuses on the skills needed upon entering the workforce, so students are not focusing on things that will never be used in the real world.

Southern Careers Institute was founded in 1960 in Austin, TX. Since opening its doors, SCI has expanded its facilities to include seven campuses located in Austin, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Pharr, San Antonio (North Campus), and San Antonio (South Campus) plus virtual courses offered online. SCI has offered medical and business programs since 1992, and today, SCI offers a variety of programs in the fields of medical, pharmacy, business, technology and trades.

Southern Careers Institute has developed a laser focus on making students more marketable with customized and employer tailored programs. This approach is The SCI Edge and it helps students become very competitive in the job market.

SCU Logo

Founded in 1911, Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU) has been the leader in training competent, caring, and integrative professionals for over 100 years. With over 20 years of regional accreditation, SCU has a history of excellence in evidence-informed curriculum and preparing students for successful, significant, and rewarding careers in healthcare and now in technology.

The impact of technology in healthcare is tremendous, and SCU’s partnership with Coder Camps provides a Software Development curriculum to teach students to code and become a software developer with an emphasis on the healthcare industry. The goal is to teach students how to help improve operational efficiency and patient care through the use of technology.

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