Source Control Basics

Provides students with knowledge of source code management. Source control enables users to maintain versions of their code, allowing for teams to collaborate on the same project, safely manage changes, and roll-back mistakes.


Objectives of this module are

  • Learn the basics of Source Control
  • Learn the Git implementation of source control
  • Learn how to securely store your code
  • Learn how to perform updates and manage your code
  • Learn how to safely merge changes in an existing project
  • Learn how to branch your code to safely introduce new features
  • Learn how to Extend existing code bases
  • Learn how to manage your source control through a Terminal or Command Prompt
  • Learn how to use Github as a cloud-based source control system

Mastery Project
  • Personal Website on Github
Core Technologies
  • Git
System Requirements
  • Windows 7+, OSX 10+, Linux
Target Average Time to Complete Course
  • 10 Hours
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