Javscript Basics

The JavaScript Basics module is intended to teach students the basics of using JavaScript to create customized interaction with their web site. Students will learn how Javascript is used to dynamically modify web pages, while learning some basic fundamentals of computer programming like looping, variables, and basic data structures.


Objectives of this module are

  • Learn how to apply scripts to your web page, which enable modifications to the page layout and contents
  • Learn how to use conditional statements to perform a task only under certain conditions
  • Learn the basics of variables, expressions and Boolean operators
  • Learn how to store and retrieve data in Arrays
  • Learn how to organize your JavaScript code with Functions
  • Learn about the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Learn to use JQuery as a tool to simplify DOM manipulation
  • Learn how to debug using console output.

Mastery Project
  • Enable selection of a theme for your personal website
Core Technologies
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
System Requirements
  • Windows 7+, OSX 10+, Linux
Target Average Time to Complete Course
  • 10 Hours
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