learn Coding From Scratch

Coding. From. Scratch.

New to software? Start with Coding From Scratch Courses

Your path to a rewarding career in software engineering and web development starts with Coding From Scratch. This introductory series of courses teach the basic fundamentals of web development for those with no prior experience.

In the Coding From Scratch program, you will

  • Learn the basics of web development
  • Create a personal website using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • Receive video-driven instruction
  • Learn with browser-based coding labs
  • Have a student support team available by chat and email
  • Post your project to GitHub and share with others

Learn the software developer
building blocks.

Coding From Scratch teaches the fundamentals and prepares you for further Coder Camps training. These minimum skill sets mean every student starts from the same place on day one.