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Andrew Haddock – Coder Camps Graduate

Andrew Haddock – Coder Camps Graduate

Junior Developer, RadialSpark

After graduating high school in Flagstaff, Arizona, Andrew landed in Phoenix and spent most of his twenties working various customer service jobs. He also studied Gaming and Simulation Programming at DeVry University for a time, hoping to find his passion. It wasn’t until a friend introduced him to programming via a few free, online resources over the lunch hours of his last customer service job that the idea really came into focus.  Coding quickly became his favorite pastime. “Nothing matched the feeling of encountering frustration when running into a problem and then the subsequent thrill of fixing the issue,” he said.

After doing extensive online research, Andrew enrolled in Coder Camps’ Full Stack JavaScript class. It was one of the few boot camps that offered on-campus instruction in the area and “they had a reputation for producing quality developers in a short amount of time. I was looking for a new career and Coder Camps offered me the chance to find that.”

While his coursework was challenging, Andrew also appreciated all the support he received from Coder Camps’ staff and his fellow students. “I love that I am able to create something from nothing,” he said. “Understanding programming and its concepts have opened many doors.”

Today, Andrew is a Junior Developer at a Phoenix-area software development firm. His skill landed him the job but he also points to Coder Camps’ staff as the one who put him on the right path. “They absolutely helped me land the job I now have by giving me a lead and providing assistance in resume and interview preparation.”
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